CG Pioneers

Monday 15:00-18:00 LE335, Campus Duisburg

"CG Pioneers" is a lab-course-like activity, however, in contrast to "normal" classes this one does not earn the participants any credits but the purpose is to gain insight into basic principles of computer graphics. The activity is also not bound to a specific semester but is an ongoing project regardless of an semester boundaries. The activity is open to both bachelor as well as master students. Interested students can apply at Prof. Krüger.

Project 1 - Meshes and simple animation - Ed Catmull's hand animation

In 1972, Ed Catmull created the first 3D animation that was later used in the feature length movie "Future World" (1976). In this workshop, participants will use his technique to produce animations of their own hands.

Step 1 - Creating plaster casts

The project started by creating plaster casts of the participants’ hands and - for one really adventurous student – a cast from his face. We did both, the old school method with plaster bandages, as well as the more sophisticated method using Alginic acid. The latter one resulting in significnatly less hair being pulled out when removing the negative cats as well as creating better casts.

Step 2 - Scanning and digitalizing

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a (reasonably priced) 3D digitizer similar to what Ed Catmull used back in the days so we had to resort to more modern alternative and used a MakerBot Digitizer. This little laser scanner generates a mesh from the casts.

Step 3 - Rendering meshes

While the casts were curing the participants implemented their own rasterization software C++. Our software uses Bresenham's algorithm to rasterized the lines, triangles, and entire meshes.

In the course of implementing the rasterizer one student also developed a novel method for drawing simple flowers.

Step 4 - Mesh Processing and Simplifciation

More details comming soon as the project progresses ...

Step 5 - Rigging and Skinning

More details comming soon as the project progresses ...

Step 6 - Animating the mesh

More details comming soon as the project progresses ...

Step 7 - The result

More details comming soon as the project progresses ...

Project 2 - Particles and fractal landscapes - The genesis effect

The second project involves re-creating the pioneering effects generated by the Computer Division of Lucasfilm's used in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

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