The primary objective of the high performance computing research group is the development of novel algorithms, metaphors, and architectures for the interactive analysis and visualization of large and complex data sets. With today’s simulations and experimental measurements generating enormous amounts of complex data, existing processing and visualization techniques often overburden the scientist and do not scale well to current and upcoming hardware architectures. To overcome these limitations our research focuses on three main principles. First, the development of novel principles, methods, and metaphors to effectively map large and complex data to human readable representations. Secondly, the realization of efficient and scalable implementations that take full advantage of the massive parallelism available in current and upcoming systems to achieve interactive performance of the aforementioned novel techniques and existing approaches. Finally, the extension of these systems to take advantage of all available computing and visualization resources at datacenters with large high-resolution visualization systems, on the omnipresent desktops, and on the smallest mobile hand held devices, to give experts and end users effective and efficient access to their data whenever and wherever they need it.

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