[June 2015] Prof. Dr. Krüger will present Scalable Visualization at the Uni-Colleg in June.

In the news

[May 2015] our close collaborator Prof. Dr. Johnson explains our research on deep brain stimulation support tools for the SC 15 blog.


[March 2015] MorphableUI and Trinity Volume Rendering demonstrated at CeBIT. Check out the MorphableUI Facebook and Twitter accounts for details and updates.

In the news

[March 2015] Prof. Dr. Krüger briefly talks about UAVs in WDR's Westpol. While we did not build or invent the Inspire 1 quadcopter (as it is falsely stated in the video) we are "teaching" it fly autonomously for different course and reaserch projects. Check out our course pages for details.

NIH to fund five year project

[February 2015] With funding from the NINR the HPC group will be able to continue its groundbreaking research towards improving the life of patients with Parkinsons desease.

Web pages for lectures, seminars, and lab courses for the summer term 2015 online

[February 2015] The preliminary webpages for the upcoming winter semester are available here.

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