Mobility & Public Transport

Public transport

Direct connection From Campus to Campus

Quick and comfortable from campus to campus: students and staff of the University of Duisburg-Essen can commute with a special bus line between the two locations within 20 minutes for free.

Comfortable driving


  • Overview Duisburg (PDF)
  • Overview Essen (PDF)
  • Duisburg locations (PDF)
  • Essen locations (PDF)
  • Duisburg: M-, L- & S-area (PDF)
  • Duisburg: B- & SK-area (PDF)
  • Duisburg: ST-area (PDF)
  • Campus Essen (PDF)
  • Schützenbahn & Gerlingstraße Essen (PDF)
  • WSC & WST Essen (PDF)
  • University clinic Essen (PDF)

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Managing mobility